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IBJI Waiver Link

Below is the IBJI waiver link:

Please fill out and have this signed before each IBJI session.  They will be flexible this week if you don't as they understand this is a new process, but will be stricter beginning next season.



The guidelines for our two main Offseason Training facilities--The Yard and IBJI--are posted below.  Please also keep in mind that, as was the case last year, if your player has tested positive with the coronavirus OR your player has been in "close contact" with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus, your player is not permitted to attend any sessions until he or she has quarantined in accordance with state law.  For a refresher on what "close contact" is and what quarantines are required, please see the CDC's webpage on those topics at the following link:,the%20virus%20without%20feeling%20symptoms.

In addition, if your player has tested positive with coronavirus or been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus, PLEASE notify us at IMMEDIATELY.  While we certainly will not reveal the specific name of any player or close contact that has tested positive to other players or families, much like the school districts, we will notify you if your player has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus so that you can take appropriate action for your own family.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at

Facility Guidelines - The Yard

These are the guidelines set by The Yard for use of their facility:

1.  Face coverings required for entry into The Yard.  They will be mandatory at all times.

2.  Only players and coaches allowed into the facility.

3.  IBA staff members required to wear masks when inside the facility.

4.  IBA staff will greet players out front and manage entrance into The Yard.  Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry.

5.  Players will be led out the back door for pick-up by parent/guardian. IBA staff members will escort players to their cars.  Hand sanitizer will be available when exiting the facility.

6.  Players should always bring their own equipment (i.e. bats & helmets).  If a player must use IBA gear, it will be disinfected after use and put away so no other players can use it.

7.  The Yard is cleaned on a daily basis.  Players or coaches experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms are not allowed in the facility.  If a player tests positive for COVID-19, they must inform The Yard so that necessary precautions can be taken.  If a coach tests positive for COVID-19, they will be quarantined away from The Yard for 14 days and The Yard will notify the board member of the communities who were in impacted.

8.  No more than 8 players and 2 coaches may be in the back area at any time.    

Facility Guidelines - IBJI

These are the guidelines set by IBJI for use of their facility:

1.  Prior to Training - All participants must fill out a waiver prior to the first IBJI session, and then answer the Covid-19 questions prior EVERY training session.  Links will be provided on the website prior to the first IBJI session.

2.  Entrance - To minimize large gatherings in the foyer area, please wait outside or in your car until an IBJI member escorts the team into the training area.  Players will enter through doors on the Southeast corner of the building (labeled IBJI Physician offices).

3.  Temperature Checks - IBJI will be taking each player's temperature as they enter the building.  If their temperature is above 100, then they will retake it again with an oral thermometer.  If the temperature is still above 100, then they will not be able to participate in training that day.

4.  Masks - Each player/coach must wear a mask the entire time. (Unless guidelines change from IDPH).

5.  Water Bottles - Players should bring their own water bottle.  Water fountains may only be used to fill up water bottles.

6.  Hand Sanitizer - IBJI will have hand sanitizer bottles for the players to disinfect their hands. It is however encouraged that each player brings their own mini bottles for usage.

7.  6 Feet and Horse Play - During the training sessions, the players will be required to keep 6 feet of separation.  IBJI has adjusted the training programs, and created distancing amongst stations.  No more than 8 players and 2 coaches will be in any group.

8.  In the event that a player/team violates social distancing or has poor behavior the following actions will take place.

First violation - player will be given a warning. 
Second violation - player will be asked to sit off to the side for 5 minutes.
Third violation - player will be asked to sit out for the rest of the session and the coach/parent will be notified.





13A1 exploded for 8 runs in the 2nd inning yesterday to cruise past the Park Ridge Jr. Hawks and win the LSFBL championship, 12-1.

As his been the case all season, it was a team effort for Coach Kosinski's squad.  Every single player reached base or knocked in a run, and 13A1 was paced by Ben Toft's 3-3 with 2 doubles, Sam Newlands's 2 hits and 3 RBI, and Chris Donaldson's huge 2nd inning bases loaded hit that broke the game wide open.  On the mound, C.J. Donnelly was terrific, pitching a complete game one-hitter.

In winning NTF's 10th title in the last four years, 13A1 Blue finished a spectacular 26-3 season, highlighted by a 168-40 run differential in league play, two thrashings of arch rival Mundelein, and tournament wins over Top Tier North, Rhino Baseball, Windy City Black, Stoppers Black, and Warriors Baseball Black.  Congrats to Coach Kosinski and all of his players on a job well done.

While we celebrate our champions today, to us success is about more than wins and losses, and so we would be remiss at not pointing out the successes of our other teams.  While 13A1 was the only victor on Sunday, 14A1 played top seeded Mundelein to a 2-2 tie until the bottom of the 6th before falling.  On Saturday, #2 seeded 14B had the tying and winning runs on base in the bottom of the 7th of its semifinal before coming up just short.  14A2 battled to a 6-8 season as our 2nd team in the division, a terrific accomplishment.  13A2 rallied from a difficult start to win four straight in mid-July.  And each of our split 13B teams won playoff games and led late in their second playoff games before ultimately falling to high seeds.

As is always the case, the most indelible memories of the week for those of us that run the program, however, are off the field. The number of kids who turned up to root their friends on other teams on was astounding.  When we said at the start of the year that this was a community, one in which all 101 of our players was equally important to us, we meant it--and all of us who run this program are so happy to see the kids, over and over again, support each other, both on and off the field.  To us, that's what community baseball is all about.  Particularly in these difficult times, we hope that we were able to provide at some joy and distraction in what has been a long, hard year in the world.

Once again, thanks for the honor of entrusting the development of your kids to us this season. We hope you are as proud of them as we are.

Drew Cardonick, President
New Trier Feeder Baseball

New Trier Feeder Baseball

The New Trier Feeder Baseball Program (“Feeder”) is a nonprofit, “best in class”, year-round training program and experience  devoted solely to developing and preparing players to play baseball at the highest levels for New Trier High School and Loyola High School.  We believe that our program exceeds the quality of those programs offered by the best “pay for play” organizations in the area, while still permitting our athletes to play with their friends in their communities and engage in other sports.  In addition, because the vast majority of our coaches have either played at or coached at New Trier, we are able to, and do, specifically train our players on the systems and skills that will be needed to be successful at either of those schools.

    For all questions, please contact Drew Cardonick

    President, New Trier Feeder Baseball

    Phone: (847) 242-9421

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