Pony Travel will begin in April.  With only one exception (below), Pony Travel players will have team travel events on only Wednesdays and Sundays throughout April and May, so as not to conflict with Pony A House League games.  In most cases, those will be practices, but teams will have the option of scheduling exhibition games on Sundays in April and May, and, in fact, all teams will participate in at least one tournament or showcase during the last weekend of April or first weekend of May.  

The summer part of the travel season will begin with the KWBA Bulldog Classic Tournament on Memorial Day weekend, and continue full time through the end of July.  Each travel team will continue to play in the LSFBL, and will play at least two tournaments during the summer season.  One of those tournaments may take place in the week following the LSFBL season.  

All travel events from April through July are mandatory, unless a player is excused for injury, illness, school or religious events or ceremonies, or, in April or prior to Memorial Day Weekend only, games (not practices) in other sports.

We believe this balances the demands on multi-sport athletes with the need for everyone to be ready for the travel season from day one, and encourages accountability and responsibility of our players.