The New Trier Feeder Baseball Program (“Feeder”) was redesigned for the 2016-2017 season with the specific purpose of creating a “best in class”, year-round training program and experience to prepare our players to play baseball at the highest levels for New Trier. 
In our view, Feeder does and should exceed the quality of those programs offered by the best “pay for play” organizations in the area, while still permitting our athletes to play with their friends in their communities and engage in other sports.
In addition, Feeder continues to work to develop its close relationship with New Trier High School and its baseball program and coaches, including via the high level involvement of those coaches in the training and development of Feeder players and the establishment of mentoring of Feeder players by current New Trier players.

​The Feeder Program consists of five parts: (1) our Fall Tryout Preparation Program; (2) our Tryouts/Team Selection Process in late September/early October; (3) our Offseason Training from January through March; (4) our Spring House League Program from April to May; and (5) our Spring/Summer Travel Seasons from April through July.  Full details on those programs can be found under the appropriate tabs on this website.