Each season, NTF runs its own House League.  Teams in the NTF House League are selected by our three constituent organizations (WBA, KWBA, and GBA), and consist of members within their own communities (with the proviso that the boards of GBA and KWBA may decide to combine their players on a year-by-year basis).  All travel players will be required to sign up for NTF House League and play with their community’s teams.  ALL PLAYERS AND THEIR FAMILIES SHOULD BE AWARE OF AND MUST COMPLY WITH THE NTF COMMITMENT POLICY POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE THROUGHOUT THE SPRING AND SUMMER SEASONS.

The vast majority of the players in the NTF House League are the players in the NTF program, who are by virtue of their participation in NTF are guaranteed a spot in the House League.  What that means is that the NTF House League is an extremely competitive one, particularly for younger 13 year old players, who are often playing against 14 year old travel players--and doing so on a significantly larger field than they have every played on before.  As a result, while non-NTF players are permitted to participate in the NTF House League, they may do so only upon request and following a tryout by their respective communities.  

The NTF House League teams are divided in an even fashion to ensure a competitive balance, and, to ensure quality and experience, all coaches are either board members of or long-time coaches of their respective constituent organizations.
The NTF House League season begins in early April, and concludes with single elimination playoffs ending before Memorial Day weekend.  NTF House League games will take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and will not conflict with any Spring Travel events.