While our aim is to make Feeder a year-round program, studies have shown consistently that it is important to shut down and rest arms for a period of time.  Thus, in November and December, we generally offer only voluntary “off the field” activities, such as core building and leg strength.  

Beginning in January and continuing until Spring Break, NTF players participate in our Offseason Training Program.  That program has two components.  First, each team will have weekly hitting workouts at The Yard each week, generally speaking run by that team's actual coach.  In addition, once every two weeks (for a total of 5 sessions each), the 13U and 14U players will each practice as a group at the The Dome in Rosemont, supervised by coaches from the NTF program.  (Feeder helps in arrange carpools to The Dome, which is roughly 30 minutes from the New Trier area).  Those Dome sessions focus on throwing and fielding.  At the end of the Offseason Training program, then, players will have gotten many, many hitting and fielding repetitions and will be ready to hit the ground running once the games start in April.