The purpose of this is to outline the New Trier Feeder Baseball Program (“Feeder”) Eligibility and Commitment Policy.  Please read this carefully and bring a signed copy of it to the first day of your tryout.  A player will not be selected for a team unless and until he or she and a parent/guardian thereof has provided to Feeder a signed copy of this Policy.


13U - Only players that will be 13 years old or younger on May 1, 2018 may participate on our 13U teams.
            14U - Only players that will be 14 years old or younger on May 1, 2018 may participate on our 14U teams.  If a player is eligible for both our 13U and 14U teams, he or she may only try out for our 13U teams abset special permission from the New Trier Feeder Board.
The Feeder Program is best-in-class, year round training program and experience to prepare our players to play baseball at the highest levels for New Trier.  As such, it requires a substantial commitment on the part of our players and, frankly, their families.  Cognizant of the fact that we have many multi-sport athletes in our program, we have designed Feeder to balance the demands on multi-sport athletes with the need for those athletes to be accountable to their coaches and, more importantly, their teammates by being at their best on day one of the baseball season.  Thus, all of our players are required to comply with the following Commitment Policies:
NTF Feeder House League Policy
Feeder runs a mandatory NTF House League for the Feeder players.  Teams in the NTF League are selected and put together by the three constituent organizations (WBA, KWBA, and GBA), and consist primarily of NTF players from within their own communities only (with the proviso that the boards of GBA and KWBA may decide, at their respective discretions, to combine their players for Pony A House League purposes).   NTF House League games take place on weeknights (i.e.  on Mondays through Thursdays) from April through the Wednesday preceding Memorial Day Weekend, and will not conflict with any NTF Travel events. 
All Feeder players will be required to sign up for NTF House League and play with their community’s teams.  Since the NTF House League teams are fielded by the individual communities, the board of directors of each individual community organization (WBA, KWBA, GBA) will determine what will constitute an excused absence from any of NTF House League events.  Those determinations are binding on all Feeder players in their respective communities once made.  By agreeing to this Commitment Policy, you are agreeing to comply with those to-be-determined policies.
Spring/Summer Travel Policy
  The Pony Travel season will also begin on April 1.  With only the exception below (regarding the spring tournament/showcase), NTF players will have team travel events only on weekends (i.e.  on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) throughout April and May so as not to conflict with NTF House League games.  In most cases, those will be practices, but teams will have the option of scheduling games instead, and in fact each team one tournament or showcase on a weekend in late April or early May. 
All travel events between April and the Wednesday preceding Memorial Day Weekend will be mandatory, except that players will be excused for injury or illness, school/religious events or ceremonies, and, to accommodate our multi-sport athletes, games and similar events (not practices) in other sports.
            The summer part of the travel season will begin on the Thursday of Memorial Day Weekend, and continue through no later than July 31. 
All travel events during the summer part of the Pony Travel season will be mandatory, except that players will be excused for injury or illness and school/religious events or ceremonies only.  (Unlike from April 1 through the start of Memorial Day weekend, players will not be excused for other sports during the summer part of the Pony Travel season).  The only exception will be July 4th weekend--during that weekend, teams (at the coaches’ discretion) may hold practices, but those practices will not be mandatory.
  If a player is absent from any Spring/Summer Travel practice or game from April 1 through July 31 and that absence is not excused under either of the prior two paragraphs, his or her coach will have the discretion to remove the player from the lineup or reduce his or her playing time in the team’s next game, at the coach’s discretion.  If a player has more than 5 unexcused absences from games or practices during from April 1 through July 31), the Feeder Board will have the right to remove that player from the team without refund.  We understand that family emergencies and other extraordinary absences do arise from time to time, and excusing absences in those situations will be considered separately by petition to the Feeder Board.