We believe that it is integral to the success of Feeder that it offer senior, best-in-class coaching.  We cannot stress this enough—we believe it is mission-critical to our success.
In that regard, we are pleased to announce our 2017-2018 coaching lineup:
13A1 - LSFBL 13A Champion Matt Lafontaine, Head Coach; Michael Gallo, Assistant
13A2  - Ozzie and John Rosinski, Head Coaches
13B - LSFBL 13B Champion Tyler Kopp, Head Coach; Niko Buck and Eric Hoffman, Assistants

14A1 - Former New Trier High School Coach Trey Frahler, Head Coach; Matt Rice, Assistant
14A2 - LSFBL 14A Champion Sean Batti, Head Coach; Assistants TBD

14B (Gray) - Jason Meger, Head Coach; Alex Silverthorne, Assistant

14B (White) - Bobby Acri, Head Coach; Ryan Acri, Assistant